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TOUR w/EXCERPT - This Piece of Our Being (Clearing the Ice, #3) by Robyn M. Ryan

This Piece of Our Being
Clearing the Ice, #3
by Robyn M. Ryan @RobynMRyan
Release Date: December 5th 2017
Genre: Sports Romance

Cover Designer: K. Fouts Designs

The Book Junkie Reads . . . Review of . . .THIS PIECE OF OUR BEING (Clearing the Ice, #3) . . . The journey has been long and not always happy, but somethings deserve another chance. I have been with Drew and Caryn from the beginning, This Piece of My Heart, when they were working to not fall in love but did anyhow. Right through to This Piece of My Soul, where there were test and trials thrown their way. Now, here we are where they have separated and work to decide if this will be a permanent decision. Caryn have her own reasons why this will serious change her life and impact more than just her. This time around Drew needs to examine his life and actions and make the decision on whether things are truly the way he wish for them to be or do he want to have that one thing in life he can’t duplicate anywhere else.

Drew had his moments throughout the series when he needed to be slapped and at times a bit worse. He needed to grow up and take on more responsibility for his actions and thing about the consequences of his actions beforehand. This one was more emotional and more real than the two books before. We get the chance to feel the pains, sorrows, meltdowns, pick up, and all with Caryn and her pregnancy. The emotional rollercoaster that Drew had her on with is betrayal and own person issues. She was clear about what she needed, and Drew seemed to be the hold out. Caryn was the one that needed more support and was not getting it from the person she most deserved to have it from.

The story had that feel of evolving from book one. The growth was evident in both the writing, storyline, characters and the encompassing package. We get the final installment and the drama that goes with the life of a sports star that feels like he’s losing something.  Life’s ups and downs were felt. This read brought out the demons, emotions, and a bat to take upside a few heads. This was engaging all the way through.

In the past I stated that you did not read the first book to enjoy the second book but now I revise that. To get the full affect of the journey of both Caryn and Drew, I highly suggest you read all three books in order and make you determination.

Clearing the Ice series:
This Piece of My Heart – Clearing the Ice, #1
This Piece of My Soul – Clearing the Ice, #2
This Piece of Our Being – Clearing the Ice, #3
From the author of This Piece of My Heart and This Piece of My Soul,
the conclusion to Andrew and Caryn’s journey,
and to the Clearing the Ice trilogy

She no longer believes that love conquers all.

He questions his convictions.

Alone, each faces an uncertain future.

However, Fate has other ideas.

Just as Fate placed their lives on a collision course five years ago, Andrew and Caryn Chadwick’s paths cross once again in Toronto after a four-month separation. Despite Andrew’s assurances that he wants to repair their marriage, Caryn is wary, not certain she can trust him, and struggles with doubts and questions about his relationship with a member of his Rehab Team. Wracked with guilt, Andrew questions his determination to return to the Tampa Suns hockey team, and he seeks to convince Caryn their marriage will survive.

Fate intervenes with a gift at the worst possible moment.

Caryn can hide this secret for only a short time, but is Andrew capable of pushing his needs aside when he discovers the truth? Can she risk her heart and soul once again? This Piece of Our Being follows Andrew’s and Caryn’s journeys through a fragile reconciliation. Both vow to place honesty at the center of their future. But, will the secrets revealed heal their marriage or drive them further apart?

The conclusion to the Clearing the Ice trilogy, This Piece of Our Being delivers Andrew and Caryn’s Happily Ever After, but the path to reconciliation is rocky and missteps prove costly.

**Please note: For your best enjoyment please be sure to read THIS OF MY HEART and THIS PIECE OF MY SOUL before this book. Check your favorite ebook site for special offers on the first two books in the series during THIS PIECE OF OUR BEING’s preorder period.**

“Have you seen your brother lately?” Caryn asked as she and Andrew enjoyed lunch in the Rehab Center’s courtyard.
Andrew nodded as he took a long drink of water. “Just for a few minutes. He looks like shit.”
“I’d say sleep-walking. He arrived just as I was leaving. How do they manage those long shifts?”
“No idea, Caryn.” He reached for a second sandwich. “He’ll revive if you saved some of this chicken salad. I guess doctors get used to long shifts. It’s worse for new residents, from what Tom says. Second and third-year residents get first chance at the on-call beds. Seniority rules, even if you’re napping.”
Caryn made a face. “Poor Tom.”
“He signed on for this. He’s tough…had experience with long shifts when he was an intern. Now, he’s expected to make decisions for patients he sees. I think that adrenaline spike will keep him focused when needed.”
Caryn set her sandwich on the paper plate. “Did Tom mention counseling as a way for us to start working things out?”
“Yeah, he did. What do you think about it?”
Caryn met his eyes, she couldn’t read his thoughts. “It might help us in the beginning. I’m not sure where to start.”
“I can make a list of all the shitty things I’ve done to push you away. But, that would take longer than I hope to be separated from you.” Now his eyes betrayed his thoughts, and Caryn felt herself grow wary.
“I have my own list of things I’d change if we had a do-over.” She averted her eyes and tore off a small piece of her sandwich to eat.
“We could try a counselor.” His voice lacked conviction. “If you think it’ll help.”
Caryn’s temper flared. “Unless you have a better idea? Exchange our lists and take turns choosing topics?”
“I have no idea. I want what we had yesterday…”
“Just pretend nothing happened? Forget the last four months? I wish we could, Drew. I truly do.”
His eyes met hers and she saw the resignation in his expression before he sighed. “I know we can’t. Maybe Tom’s right. A neutral counselor could start the conversation. I can get a recommendation and set up an appointment.”
Caryn nodded, a lump suddenly forming in her throat. Talking about all this will bring up the feelings I’ve tried to bury. It will hurt as much as it did at that time. Andrew reached across the table and brushed a tear aside.
“It’s hard for me to think about discussing everything with a stranger,” he admitted.
“But easy to tell Kristen everything?” Caryn blurted the accusation before she could think, sarcasm lacing her words. Andrew didn’t respond, his eyes holding hers steadily. “She made sure I knew you ‘shared everything’ with her—even personal stuff between you and me. She got it right, so you don’t need to deny it.”
“I’m not,” Andrew said quietly. “We talked during therapy, especially when I was in a shitty mood. She was a good listener.”
“I’m sure.” Caryn crossed her arms over her chest and nodded for him to continue.
“You want to talk about this here? Right now?” Andrew glanced at his watch. “We don’t have much time.”
Caryn didn’t respond for a moment, her mind flashing back to Kristen’s comments and innuendoes, and of course, the subject of Andrew’s return to hockey. Should I tell him? How she wanted me to prepare him for a career that did not include hockey. Once again, a flicker of guilt pricked her conscience. Finally, she spoke quietly. “She isn’t your friend, Andrew. She was never your friend.”
“Caryn, we had a professional relationship until that massage I told you about. We were friendly, but I never counted her as one of my friends.” Caryn nodded slowly. How can we ever discuss this, even with a counselor? What explanation can he offer? If he’s truthful and tells me about that kiss?
Andrew’s eyes pierced hers with intensity. “Are you trying to tell me something, Cary?”

She hesitated just a beat. “You’re right, Andrew. We don’t have time for this right now. And I don’t want to unravel everything that happened without someone to guide us. I don’t want to take the chance we slip back into the…abyss…I can’t go through that again.” 


By the time she was an eight-year-old tomboy growing up in the suburbs of Chicago, Robyn M. Ryan definitely knew what she wanted to do when she grew up—play major league baseball or write. She wrote throughout elementary and high school, first composing novels featuring favorite TV and music personalities, and then venturing into sports writing.

Attending UGA’s journalism school launched her career in public relations, which included an internship with the Atlanta Flames NHL hockey team. This Piece of My Heart, a hockey romance and the first book in Robyn’s hockey trilogy Clearing the Ice was published May 2016. The second book in the series, This Piece of My Soul, was published January, 2017, and the final book, This Piece of Our Soul concludes the trilogy with a December, 2017 release.

Besides writing, Robyn’s passions include following the New York Rangers, NASCAR, and the Atlanta Braves; splitting time between homes in Atlanta and Palm Coast, and visiting Paris as often as possible. Two brilliant Westies rule both homes.

As do many writers, Robyn chooses to write using a pseudonym—hers is a combination of her sons’ names, a contribution from her youngest nephew.

She wasn’t looking for love. 

Struggling to live up to the high expectations of overprotective parents and a hefty family name, Caryn Stevens only wants one Summer of Fun before focusing on finishing her college degree. She knows her destiny: to follow her dad as CEO of his multi-million dollar business. But that plan changes forever one day when she runs into—literally—sexy and single professional  hockey player, Andrew Chadwick. 

But love came looking for her. 

Sparks instantly fly between the two, and Caryn can’t resist his charms as she discovers that Andrew has a reputation of winning – both on and off the ice. One of the most eligible singles in Toronto  Andrew could have any woman he wants, and he’s got Caryn in sights. But, when Caryn’s parents disapprove of the match and threaten to disinherit her and his hockey team trades him to a new city, it make take more than love for the couple to survive this penalty play.

They believe love conquers all… 

Pro hockey’s golden couple, Andrew and Caryn Chadwick bask in their love, and the limelight reserved for elite professional athlete. An opportunity leads them to a new team in a new city. Neither foresees an event that challenges their love and threatens their marriage. 

Until it doesn’t... 

A life-threatening accident rocks their very core. Shattered by the incident, paralyzed with fear,  Caryn can’t provide the support Andrew needs. Distrust, fears, and secrets construct walls. Each makes choices that take them further apart. This Piece of My Soul follows the joint and separate paths the couple navigate as each hopes to rediscover the love that can conquer all.

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