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TOUR Audio w/INTERVIEW - IRIS IN BLOOM (Take a Chance, #2) by Nancy Warren Narrator Teri Schnaubelt

Author: Nancy Warren

Narrator: Teri Schnaubelt

Length: 4 hours 54 minutes

Publisher: Ambleside Publishing⎮2015

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Series: Take A Chance, Book 2

Release date: Mar. 26, 2015

   Iris finds that she can wait no longer for a man to come in and help her with the fairy tale love and family she wants. She has decided to move forward with her plans to have a baby. She knew the family she loved would support her. She has been the go to for all around her now it was time for those around her to be her go to. But things get a small wrench put in place. Geoff. Geoff finds that he no longer wants anything to do with women, period. He also finds that he had found the best muffins, ever. He finds that those muffins are attached to the most attractive woman he has ever seen. But none of this changes the fact that he's unwilling to become attached to another woman. In small town, Hidden Falls things have there own way of changing when you are paying attention. Geoff and Iris find that the two of them together can make magical things happen.

Teri Schnaubelt has given me another one of Nancy Warrens books to fall in love with. I loved her timing, cadence, pacing, and pitch. She gives each character their own charm. The audio was smooth and hiccup free. I could increase speed and find no faults with the quaility of the audio.

I received this audiobook as part of my participation in a blog tour with Audiobookworm Promotions. The tour is being sponsored by Nancy Warren. The gifting of this audiobook did not affect my opinion of it.

Iris Chance is turning 33. She's an independent woman, the owner of the Sunflower Coffee and Tea Company in Hidden Falls, Oregon. Hidden Falls boasts clean air, natural beauty, good neighbors. The only problem is that there are zero interesting single men and Iris wants a baby. She'd love the whole package - the love story, the sexy romance with a hero who will sweep her off her feet - but she doesn't have time to wait for Mr. Right. He may lose his way and never show up. She decides to start a family with the help of a sperm bank, knowing she'll have her large family to support and encourage her as a single mom. When the new High School English teacher, Geoff McLeod, walks into her cafe and into her life he seems perfect. There's only one problem. Geoff McLeod never imagined his wife would end their six-year marriage with a text message. Reeling from her betrayal, he moves to Hidden Falls to teach English and Creative Writing. He's got zero interest in women or dating until he meets Iris Chance, the intriguing woman who bakes the best Morning Glory muffins he's ever tasted. He can't imagine starting his day without stopping in on his way to work for coffee and a muffin and to see the sexiest woman who ever donned an apron. Iris is the oldest girl in a family of 11 kids. She's always been the stand-in mother to her younger siblings. She's got so used to looking out for other people and listening to their problems that she's become the confidante and unofficial therapist of half the town. She can see that the new English teacher has some emotional baggage dragging along behind him. He looks like he can use a friend and Iris has never been able to turn away from someone in pain. She's prepared to be his friend, but she would never get involved with someone who is still officially married. But love has a funny way of messing up the best-laid plans.
To stay updated on all things Nancy including new releases, recipes and bonus extras please sign up for Nancy Warren's newsletter at Nancy's a USA today bestselling author of more than 60 novels. Nancy's originally from Vancouver, Canada but she tends to wander. She currently lives in an 18th century house in Bath, England where she loves to pretend she's Jane Austen, or at least a character in a Jane Austen novel. When she's not writing, she's hiking, skiing, traveling or sipping wine. She's appeared on the front page of the New York Times (when her book, Speed Dating launched Harlequin's NASCAR series), has been a clue in a crossword puzzle (National Post, Canada) and she's been a finalist for the RITA award three times, honored by Romantic Times Magazine and often shares her love of writing in her popular workshops.


  • Tell us about the process of turning your book into an audiobook.
    • Turning Kiss a Girl in the Rain and then the next four books in my Take a Chance series of small town romances was a blast. I plan to make an audiobook of every book in the series (it’s going to be 12).I think the only difficult part of the process was finding a narrator. I had so many auditions to listen to! I was a bit stressed as I wanted the same narrator for all the books, but when I heard Teri’s voice, I knew we were onto something. After that, it was a simple matter of sending Teri my book and leaving all the rest to her.
  • How closely did you work with your narrator before and during the recording process? Did you give them any pronunciation tips or special insight into the characters?
    • Teri’s a pro, so there’s not much work to do where she’s concerned. I still remember the time she emailed me though and told me how difficult one of my sentences was. It was something like, “He hacked off a hunk of ham and put it on the plate.” I still laugh when I think about accidentally giving Teri a tongue twister and now, when I write, I do try to avoid anything that would be too clunky to say. Teri and I go back and forth a few times, of course. There’s an editing process, but after five books together it’s pretty seamless.
  • Were there any real life inspirations behind your writing?
    • Well, primarily, we writers do make things up. Otherwise we’d all be journalists. But of course real life offers experiences that are too good not to use, or to twist and shape into something that works in a novel. Believe it or not, some of the funniest or strangest things that happen to me in real life, I can’t use in a book because no one would believe it. Truth really is stranger than fiction sometimes. However, I use bits and pieces of people and experiences and turn them into fiction. For instance, in Kiss a Girl in the Rain, the hero, Evan, is based on a young man I know. He’d recently taken up motorcycle riding and planned a cross-country trip, and I created a stressed out, overworked lawyer who suddenly decides to take off on a cross country motorcycle trip. The heroine in Blueprint for a Kiss is a lot like me. No matter how hard she tries, there’s always a button missing or a thread hanging or her top’s come untucked from her jeans. My hair, like hers, is curly and has a life of its own. It’s a bit like Mr Potato Head sometimes, putting a bit of this person’s personality, with the looks of the celebrity and maybe a quirky mannerism or dress style of a third. But somewhere along the way, these characters become their own people. It’s magic.
  • How do you manage to avoid burn-out? What do you do to maintain your enthusiasm for writing?
    • Burn-out is a real problem, especially these days when writers are always pressured to write more books faster. I was reaching that point myself and last year I gave myself a gift. I took a year off and took a Master’s degree in Creative Writing. I wrote in a completely new genre, studied my craft and lived in a different country. Now that I’m back I’ve rediscovered the joy in writing. However, you don’t have to be that extreme! I find walking my dog, or reading a good book (that’s how writers start, after all) or seeing a good movie or play all maintain my love of story. Playing with words is just fun for me and I hope that never changes.
  • Are you an audiobook listener? What about the audiobook format appeals to you?
    • I do listen to audiobooks. I will listen to them when I’m commuting, or sometimes if I’ve been on the computer too long and my eyes are too tired to read, it’s lovely to listen to a professional narrator telling me a story. I’ve got books loaded in my phone so they’re always with me. Then those annoying snags in life, like my car isn’t ready when the mechanic said it would be, or I’m stuck in a line up or waiting room, become pleasurable times as I get lost in a story.
  • If you had the power to time travel, would you use it? If yes, when and where would you go?
    • Could I come back?? I love the notion of time travel. I was living in Bath in the UK last year and I felt as though, if I could go back in time, I could meet Jane Austen and invite her to tea. If I had to pick an era, Georgian England would be my choice, but I’d want to be able to travel back to modern plumbing, medicine and airplane travel.
  • How did you celebrate after finishing this novel?
    • The same way I celebrate after every novel. Chocolate, wine and a hot bath. I usually buy myself a small gift, too. It’s so important to celebrate, isn’t it? When we write a book we’re all alone, struggling with plot, characters, editing, and all the business aspects of writing that it’s easy to forget what an accomplishment it is to finish a book. I think celebrating each success is a great way to reward that hard working muse and make sure she doesn’t leave for greener pastures!
  • Have any of your characters ever appeared in your dreams?
    • Well, this is a little personal but the truth is I always fall in love with my heroes. Every. Single. One. And when I’m mid book, I dream about them. It’s a bit sad, but true. I also sometimes very deliberately think about a plot problem as I’m drifting off to sleep and I’ll sometimes dream the answer, or I’ll wake up with it. That’s so cool when it happens. Of course, sometimes I just end up unable to sleep, so it’s a risk.
  • What bits of advice would you give to aspiring authors?
    • This is such a great time to be a writer because our industry is going through massive changes. If you prefer to go with an agent and a traditional publisher, that option is there, and with the advent of indie publishing, writers can take control of their books and careers, and that’s exciting too. Being able to write something, publish it with an online retailer and go straight to readers with our stories is revolutionary and many authors are finding huge success. However, my advice would be to take your time. Read how-to books, learn your craft, and make sure to hire a good editor. Make sure your book is the best it can be before sending it to agents or uploading to an online retailer. Then get busy on the next book. A lot of things in our industry have changed, but writing a good book hasn’t.
  • What’s next for you?
    • I am currently writing book seven in the Take a Chance series. I am so happy in the world of Hidden Falls, Oregon where this quirky Chance family lives. I’m going to keep writing until every one of the kids gets their story. I also have a secret project on the go, a new series that I’m super excited about. I’ll post more information as I have it. The best way to keep up with all of my projects is by joining my newsletter at
Narrator Bio 

Teri Schnaubelt is an award-winning audiobook narrator and actor who has voiced nearly 200 audiobooks as well as many commercials and corporate videos. She mainly works from her home studio in the north Chicago suburbs and keeps in touch with the rest of the world via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.



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RELEASE DAY BLITZ - Sweet As Sin Moonrise Beach, #2 by Ana Jolene

Sweet As Sin
Moonrise Beach, #2
by Ana Jolene
Release Date: April 17th 2018
Contemporary Romance

I have not had the opportunity to read book one of this series, but to be straight with it. I did not know that there was a book 2 until I already got engrossed with Maison and Hutch. I was drawn in by the sweet sexy Maison and her dilemma. She really tried to keep things on the up and up with Hutch but he was just too much for her to resist forever. Hutch had not idea of Maison and her desires. He had not intention to get involved with anyone, period. I found so much to love about this story. I found even more that I wanted to know about the Happa-Hewitt family. I wanted to learn more about Moonrise Beach and it on set of characters. I find myself excited to go back and read book one and pick up any new additions to the series. The flow of this one had you laughing, crying, and celebrating. It was more than just a good ole reads. You could take this one to the beach and forget you were there. 

Maison Lane has finally found her place working at Gleam Enterprises. But when her boss’s hotter-than-hell son, Hutch Happa-Hewitt, begins to work at the office, she realizes that she may be in over her head. Keeping Hutch on a leash will be hard enough; keeping her feelings for him under wraps will be virtually impossible.

Life in the Army was everything Hutch ever wanted, but after losing his lower leg in an ambush, Hutch must now return to civilian life. War has hardened him to life and Hutch has no idea of the effect he has on Maison, but he’s starting to see more of what he likes in the curvy, sweet-as-sin secretary. Has his taste in women really changed or has his combat skills finally deserted him, leaving his heart vulnerable to Maison and her sweet ways?

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Dirty, bloody battle.
For most people, it was something to fear. However, Hutch Happa-Hewitt loved it. He loved everything about being in the Army. He loved the strategy, the training, and the hard work. He loved the blood, the sweat, and the tears involved. And he loved being out there, fighting for what he’d always believed in.
However, he would no longer be living out his dream. Since the attack, his life had drastically changed. It’d been so quick and unexpected that only brief moments had stuck with him. He’d been the only one in the Stryker vehicle when the explosion happened, and as a result, his entire right side had been hit. As fire ripped through his system, he’d been forced to act quickly.
No amount of training would’ve prepared Hutch for the kind of pain and agony. Knowledge meant nothing when you could smell your own flesh burning.
Teeth gritted against the pain, he’d done his best to hold on, to stay conscious. He remembered hearing the sounds of gunfire before help came. It’d felt like eternity ago, and yet, the phantom pain of it still stayed with him.
He remembered waking up in a hospital, screaming at the top of his lungs. His whole body was on fire, but it centered in his right leg the most. He’d done his best to lift up his head, but he was weak and his movements were limited; his head slammed back hard against the pillow.
When he woke again, it was to find someone before him. It took him a while to realize that it was a nurse asking him about his family. She wanted to know if she could call someone to be here with him so that he wouldn’t be alone and to help him through his recovery. But as far as he was concerned, he was alone, and he would always be.
There was no one he wanted to call, no one that would help him through this mess. If he wanted to get out of here, he’d have to do it on his own.
His family wouldn’t help him. They wouldn’t come to see him, and even if they did, what good would their presence do? He didn’t want them to see him like this anyway.
Pain was all he felt now. Pain and anger.
“Why doesn’t he call his family?” he heard one nurse whisper when they’d thought he was asleep.
“He doesn’t have any.”
“Yes, he does. He just chooses not to let them know.”
He could hear the confusion in the other nurse’s voice. “Why wouldn’t he want their support?”
“Maybe they’re not close. Maybe they wouldn’t come.”
Now confusion was replaced with pity. “How terrible.”
Hutch was tempted to open his eyes but instead he lay there as still as a corpse with only one thought running through his mind.
Get better.
Need to return.
But he didn’t mean returning home. No, he fully intended to go back to the Army where he belonged.
It wasn’t until weeks later when he realized that he no longer had half his right leg that he fully grasped his new situation.
He couldn’t go back. Not like this.
He couldn’t even manage sitting up on his own without feeling excruciating pain. Still, his stubborn attitude hadn’t allowed him to give up. He spent months in recovery, relearning how to move, how to walk. It’d been the toughest experience of his life but pain and anger had motivated him and kept him alive.
Too bad that it still wasn’t enough. When he’d tried to come back, they’d refused him. He’d lost his speed and stamina and they’d deemed him unfit to serve. All those months of pushing himself hadn’t been enough to get him back to where he used to be. Now, he’d be forced to go home. But Hutch would’ve preferred to die on the battlefield than return to Moonrise Beach.
And wasn’t that fucked up?
Hadn’t he had enough already? Hadn’t losing his leg been enough for him to stop and try to live a peaceful civilian life? Was he so messed up that he still longed for that adrenaline rush despite the fact that he’d almost died?
He’d been a damn good soldier though. He’d earned every ounce of what he’d had. No one could ever say that his father had given him this; he’d climbed the ranks on his own. People had long ago stopped asking who he was because the simple answer was that he was a soldier.
Now he was simply an amputee.
Get a fucking grip, man. He had to stop feeling sorry for himself. He was acting like such a pussy. People used to praise him on how tough he was, but the truth was, he didn’t feel tough at all. He felt raw and vulnerable and he wanted nothing more than to drown himself in alcohol.
Too bad that there was no whiskey left. He’d drunk it all yesterday. Now he’d have to go hunting for something around the house.
It was already late in the evening, but time held no meaning for him. Since he was out of a job, he could stay up all night if that was what he wanted. Except staying awake, staying conscious made the days feel longer. Everything was like one long torture session that never ended. Right now, Hutch wanted peace. He wanted oblivion and he knew he would find it once he had another bottle in his hand.
He searched the kitchen, finding it surprisingly empty. The wine cellar didn’t have any of the hard stuff that he was craving either so he went to the place where he knew he’d have some luck.
Luckily, his father’s office wasn’t locked so Hutch stumbled his way in, cursing his leg when he got caught on the expensive Aubusson rug. He headed straight for Matthew’s secret stash, whispering “jackpot” when his cold hands wrapped around the bottle of whiskey.
Snatching up a shot glass, Hutch dropped himself on the chaise and poured himself a shot. The first one was sweet nectar on his tongue so he drank some more, greedy for the oblivion this drink would give him.
After shooting back five in a row, he stopped to gaze around the room. It was dark; he hadn’t bothered with turning on the lights when he’d come in, so the only source of illumination was the moon.
He poured himself another shot, luxuriating in the feeling of his body already heating up.
He’d put a lifetime of sweat and blood into the Army so having it taken away was a crushing blow. He was going to have a difficult time living life in Moonrise Beach without losing who he was.
 Hutch stared at the shot glass in the moonlight. He knew he shouldn’t be doing this. His father would no doubt rip him a new one if he found him here, but despite the threat, he continued to drink. He was that desperate for release. He wanted to escape the pain, to escape the memories, and escape the loss that wouldn’t let him go.
The more he drank, the faster the world spun around him. Soon the tension in his body lessened and Hutch took another shot, feeling his chest relax even more.
With his next shot, his pain was blissfully, gratefully . . .

Buy Links:

Author Bio:
Ana Jolene is the author of the Glory MC series and the Contemporary Romance series, Moonrise Beach.

Growing up as a rebellious kid didn’t allow for much reading time. It wasn’t until she was in university that she found her passion for books and has since then devoured every book placed before her. Ana holds a B.A. in Psychology and has worked in both IT and Administration. But she’s had the most fun in the bookish world, working as a reviewer, columnist and assistant to multiple sites and authors.

Ana currently lives in Toronto with her family and an extremely lazy Shih Tzu whom she adores. To learn more about Ana and her books, visit and subscribe to the newsletter to be notified of the hottest new releases and giveaways!

TOUR Audio w/GIVEAWAY - Taken By Love (Love In Bloom: The Bradens at Trusy, #1) by Melissa Foster Narrator: B.J. Harrison

Taken by Love 

The Bradens at Trusty, Book 1

by Melissa Foster

Narrator: B.J. Harrison

Length: 8 hours 28 minutes

Publisher: Melissa Foster

Released: Dec. 01, 2015

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Come take a ride on the side of Trusty. See the other side of the Bradens. Get more of their story and start it all with Luke Braden. He's the baby but he sure packs a lot in. Daisy Honey had no idea that her high school crush would one day mean so much to her. She goes back to the town she vowed to never make her home and find more than just a new person to love and cherish. She finds that maybe the way she saw things all those years ago may have been a bit more than she could understand at that time.  If you have ever read a Melissa Foster book you will not be disappointed with this one. I found that romance to be expected but sweet. The passion open yet tame. This by no means was a clean romance but it was sweet with fire. There are scenes of intense pleasure but nothing that would put you off the enjoyment of the listen. B.J. Harrison did a fair job. I found it hard at some points to distinguish male of female, especially when it came to Daisy and Luke (when they were in the same scene). I still enjoyed the listen. The story allows you to feel that you can go home and find something more than you could have ever expected from where you left. 

I received this audiobook as part of my participation in a blog tour with Audiobookworm Promotions. The tour is being sponsored by Melissa Foster. The gifting of this audiobook did not affect my opinion of it.

Daisy Honey fled Trusty, Colorado, after years of battling rumors sparked by her gorgeous looks and lust-inducing name. Now a physician on the brink of a promising career, she reluctantly returns home when her father is injured in a farming accident. Daisy expects the small-town girls who hurt her in the past to take cheap shots again - but she's completely unprepared for a run-in with tall, dark, and wickedly sexy Luke Braden, the only man who has ever stood up for her - and the man she's never forgotten.

 Luke Braden is handsome, wealthy, and the best damn gypsy horse breeder in the Midwest. After a restless youth, he's finally ready to settle down - only connecting with women is nothing like connecting with horses, and he's never met a woman worth the energy. After an arrest in a neighboring town, Luke's past comes back to haunt him, and he realizes that his inability to find love runs deeper than he ever imagined. A chance encounter sweeps Luke and Daisy into a world of passion.

For the first time ever, Luke feels a connection, but Daisy's life in Trusty is anything but permanent, and Luke can't manage a future until he puts his past to rest. Taken by Love is part of the Love in Bloom series. While it can be heard as a stand-alone novel, for even more enjoyment, you may want to listen to the entire Love in Bloom series in order. Characters from each sub-series appear in future books.

Melissa Foster is a New York Times & USA Today bestselling and award-winning author. She writes sexy and heartwarming contemporary romance and women’s fiction with emotionally compelling characters that stay with you long after you turn the last page. Melissa’s emotional journeys are lovingly erotic and always family oriented–perfect beach reads for contemporary romance and new adult romance lovers who enjoy reading about loyal, wealthy heroes and smart, sassy heroines with complex relatable issues. Melissa also writes sweet romance under the pen name, Addison Cole. Melissa enjoys chatting with readers and book clubs. Send her an email invitation to your next event! "You can always rely on Melissa Foster to deliver a story that's fresh, emotional and entertaining. Make sure you have all night, because once you start you won't want to stop reading. Every book's a winner!" New York Times Bestselling Author Brenda Novak "With her wonderful characters and resonating emotions, Melissa Foster is a must-read author!" New York Times Bestseller Julie Kenner "Melissa Foster is synonymous with sexy, swoony, heartfelt romance!" New York Times Bestseller Lauren Blakely


Narrator Bio
Cultivated. Quirky. Captivating. Considerate. Nuanced. 7 years, 700 five-star ratings/reviews. My audiobook podcast, The Classic Tales Podcast, now in its seventh year, has had over 10 million downloads and is still consistently among the top 10 literature podcasts at the iTunes Music Store. My reading of Poe's The Tell-tale Heart was the #3 bestselling audiobook in 2008 at the iTunes Music Store. Currently, my recording of The P.G. Wodehouse Collection is the top-selling Wodehouse title at Audible. It contains dozens of British accent variations. I'm an American. "In the world of audiobooks, BJ Harrison is one of the best... if not the best." Joe Renzetti - Academy-Award-winning Film Composer "BJ Harrison is a master at his craft, with smooth narration skills that reflect every nuance of emotion and bring stories to life with every breath. He's professional, efficient, and I highly recommend his services." New York Times Bestselling author Melissa Foster Just finished listening to "She". In a word.... "Stunning". I am encouraging friends, colleagues, strangers to listen to your readings. Excellent work. Daj Oberg, Classic Tales Listener




  Taken By Love Giveaway: The Bradens Reusable Grocery Bag 

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TOUR Audio - THE QUEEN OF DIAMONDS (The Red Dog Conspiracy, #2) by Patricia Loofbourrow Narrator Machelle Williams

Author: Patricia Loofbourrow

Narrator: Machelle Williams

Length: 7 hours 51 minutes

Series: The Red Dog Conspiracy, Book 2

Publisher: Red Dog Press, LLC

Genre: Noir Mystery, Steampunk Crime Fiction

  I did not think things could get any better than The Jacq of Spades, but let me say I was wrong. Things got more intense and a bit more surreal. I loved being in this world so much. The combination of the steampunk and the mystery and noir was just the right combinations. I found me a place to just get lost. And of course Machelle did a great job giving voice to the characters and setting the genre quality.

I received this audiobook as part of my participation in a blog tour with Audiobookworm Promotions. The tour is being sponsored by Patricia Loofbourrow. The gifting of this audiobook did not affect my opinion of it.

No one is as they seem.... While the villain Frank Pagliacci has been defeated, all is not well in Bridges. The Four Families accuse each other of spying while Red Dog attacks escalate. Aristocratic jewel merchant Dame Anastasia Louis, styling herself "The Queen of Diamonds", hires her long-time friend, private eye Jacqueline Spadros, to collect from her debtors so she can leave the city. But Jacqui can't leave David Bryce's kidnapping and the murders of her teenage informants unpunished. Convinced that her mortal enemy, the madman "Black Jack" Diamond, was complicit in the crimes, she pursues ways to prove it. The scoundrel and his crew, however, seem to be one step ahead: the terrifying man in white is seen outside David's home, forged letters are appearing across the city, and merchants in the Spadros quadrant report threats from a man who fits his description. Jacqui is warned of a plot against her life. Those who try to warn Jacqui are murdered, and evidence emerges that Jacqui's mother is next on the list. With time running out, Jacqui is forced to make a horrifying choice. Someone will surely die. Will it be Jacqui, or her mother?


Patricia Loofbourrow, MD is a NY Times and USA Today best-selling science fiction writer, PC gamer, ornamental food gardener, fiber artist, and wildcrafter who loves power tools, dancing, genetics and anything to do with outer space. She was born in southern California and has lived in Chicago and Tokyo. She currently lives in Oklahoma with her husband and three grown children.
Narrator Bio  
  As an audiobook narrator with 23 years of experience moving audiences with her voice through corporate facilitation and public speaking, Machelle knows how to connect with the intent of the author to bring their vision to life. Her compelling yet casual voice draws the listener close, transporting them deep into the story and keeping them hanging on every word with full attention and anticipation. Machelle’s voice is nuanced and delivers reads that range from soft and soothing to dramatic and smoky. She specializes in Mysteries & Thrillers, but her Bespoke repertoire also includes Non-Fiction, Religious, Urban and Noire. Machelle is based in Northern Virginia with her two Boston Terriers, Daphne and Lilah, and her fully equipped studio from which she provides quick turn-around of professional quality recordings. When you need a narrator to take your listener to the edge of their seat and their breath away – trust the telling to Machelle.
Top 10 List
Patricia Loofbourrow's Top 10 Literary Inspirations
  1. Laura Ingalls Wilder - especially the Little Women series. I could really relate to her stories as a child. I think Jacqui is a good bit like Jo Marsh in her determination to do what she feels is right.
  2. Iliad and Odyssey - the great Greek tragedy adventures
  3. Charles Dickens - he told it like it was! I love the way he weaved social justice into his stories without being (too) melodramatic or preachy (for his time)
  4. Isaac Asimov - loved his tales of robots, other worlds and civilizations
  5. Robert Heinlein - read him a lot as a kid, and his stories gave me an interest in science fiction - Podkayne of Mars made me feel girls could be in science fiction adventures too (read the original version though)
  6. Poet David Whyte showed me how words can touch a person
  7. JRR Tolkien - amazing, all-out worldbuilding - a man who devoted his life to telling a story
  8. I’ve learned a lot from reading Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files - how to write a series especially
  9. George RR Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series is one of my favorites - gritty, uncompromising multi-faction political intrigue on a massive scale.
  10. Frank Herbert’s Dune series (his writings, not the prequels) have influenced me the most. Every time I read this series I learn more, and I’m so impressed with his depth of worldbuilding and the emotional impact he gets with just a few words.

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