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SPOTLIGHT w/INTERVIEW - Prey (Blood Of The Ancients, #1) by Tim Majka

Blood Of The Ancients, #1
by Tim Majka
Publication Date: June 27th 2017
Publisher: DevilDog Press
Genre: Horror, SciFi, Paranormal
The Other Side Has Broken Through

Following the mysterious death of his parents, Detective Eric Archer goes home to the idyllic Western New York town of Chadwick Bay. There, he joins old colleagues and makes new acquaintances in Jessica Benitez, Eliseo Gomez, and the enigmatic Dr. William Dirk.

They uncover decades-old family secrets that shakes the foundation of their reality.

Alliances are formed, friends become foes.

An ancient entity’s plan to enslave the people of Earth is about to be unleashed. With the fate of humanity at risk, Eric Archer and his friends must race to unravel the mystery of how to defeat a

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Author Info
I spend most of my time molding the minds of America’s youth teaching high school social studies, along the shores of Lake Erie, in my hometown. I reside there with my loving and supportive family that includes my best friend and bride, Bridget, two wonderful sons most people could only dream of, Jacob and Alex, and two rescue cats: Stanley and Corky.

My reading interests cover a wide range genres. Suspense, mystery, thriller, action, adventure, sci-fi, historical, and noir. My goal is to explore as many of these as I can in my career as an author.

I am a self-professed pop-culture geek, and wear that label proudly. My sons and I have a comic book collection that is in excess of 5000 books. And we NEVER miss an opening night for any of the super-hero movies.

Living in Western New York I am conditioned to be a fan of both the Buffalo Bills and Buffalo Sabres. I have dealt with much heartbreak over the years, but hold out hope that my teams will bring home those elusive championships someday.

The Book Junkie Reads . . . Interview with Tim Madjka . . .

How would you describe your style of writing to someone that has never read your work?
Fast, clean, and fun. Easy to read, but intelligent. I like to take chances with “special effects” to convey a feeling, tone, or attitude.

What are some of your writing/publishing goals for this year?
I hope to have book two of my Blood of the Ancients series out in early 2018 and then later that year have book three out.

Do you feel that writing is an ingrained process or just something that flows naturally for you?
The creative side to writing comes naturally to me. The technical part of writing is a learned process. None of it ever feels like work though. In fact I want to put a new twist on an old phrase, “A bad day writing is better than a good day golfing” (I get soooo frustrated when I golf. J).

Do you have a character that you have been working on for a long time that still isn't quite ready, but fills you with excitement to work on the story?
Yes, I have a series planned called State of Emergency, possibly four books. The main character Brendan Alexander has been in my head for years, I can’t wait to let other people meet him.

If you could spend one-week with 5 fictional character, who would they be?
Echo Team from Jonathan Mayberry’s Joe Ledger series, they get into some crazy shit, I’d like to see if I could survive.
The original comic book X-Men. Those early danger room sessions would have been off the hook. J

Where would you spend one full year, if you could go ANYWhere? What would you do with this time?
I’d spend a year traveling with my Dad. It wouldn’t matter where or what we were doing, I’d just like to have more time with him.
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