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TOUR w/EXCERPT - CONTEMPORARY - The Brothers Ali Series by Celeste Granger

The Brothers Ali Series
by Celeste Granger
Genre: African American Contemporary Romance

The Brothers Ali, #1

From USA Today Bestselling Author, Celeste Granger.

Singapore brought them together and almost tore them apart.

Textile specialist, Aya Masters, travels the world negotiating in high powered board rooms and bridging the economic divide between the poor and the wealthiest of the wealthy. The only absence in her life is the love of family. Basel Ali, international finance manager for Ali International, crosses the globe seeking out new investments for his family’s millions. Private jets, board rooms and five-star hotels are the accommodations that signify his life. For Basel, honoring his family and the family name are everything.

A chance encounter in Singapore brings Aya into Basel’s orbit. He finds himself lured by her exotic beauty, brilliant mind, and sophisticated allure. Aya notices Basel, too, and finds herself not only intrigued by him but willing to take a risk with the one thing she’d always protected, her heart. The uncanny magnetism between the two shifts the world on its axis and throws Basel and Aya into a whirlwind romance neither could have anticipated.

This book is a standalone and has a happily ever after. This book is interconnected to the Brothers Ali Series.


When they pulled up to Aya’s luxury condo, she started to feel a sense of dread. There was a low abiding feeling in her gut that was reflected in her frame feeling weighed down. Her shoulders slightly slumped, and she found it more difficult to look at Basel, let alone talk to him. Thankfully, he wasn’t very talkative during the car ride. Remnants of their earlier admittedly intense conversation wafted over into their next jaunt, which was Basel taking her home. He eased the car into park. His eyes slowly trailed to her. Observantly, Basel noticed the change in Aya’s demeanor.

What’s the matter, babe?” He asked, reaching over a placing a gentle hand over her folded hands.

I don’t want you to leave.” Aya didn’t know what had come over her, the brutal honesty that effortlessly streamed from her lips. It was like the valve between her thoughts, and what spilled from her lips was no longer filtered and wide open. Basel disarmed her in that way. Another frightening thought, she mused.

I don’t have to,” Basel answered. She smiled, and quickly, Aya’s posture shifted. She rolled her shoulders back, and life filtered back into her eyes. Easing her hand to the seatbelt, allowing Basel’s hand to fall to her lap, she unbuckled herself.

I’m ready,” she uttered as her sultry eyes traveled to his. The blink of her thick lashes waxing against the full of her cheeks, Aya leaned in, and Basel responded. She felt his lips touch her like the softest whisper, and then he brushed an even gentler kiss across her forehead. The forehead kiss, sweet and unapologetic – a kiss to her third eye, the truest window to her soul.

I’m ready, too,” Basel answered, his eyes slowly dragging down her features until his eyes met hers once again.

Basel pulled himself away from her long enough to turn off the ignition, remove the key, and step out of the vehicle. With his key fob, he clicked a button opening the trunk. After closing it and placing Aya’s suitcases on the sidewalk, he walked around the vehicle to retrieve the most important package. He lifted her from the truck and closed the door behind her, striking the keypad once again to lock the vehicle. Aya padded sexily in front of him as Basel retrieved the bags, following her.  

Aya opened the door and crossed the threshold with Basel right behind her.

Where should I put these,” he asked before sitting the bags down.

You can leave them right there,” Aya replied. Her heart was racing, and her thoughts were running even faster. Basel kept her off-kilter with no overt action. His mere presence was debilitating in the best possible way.

Your place is nice,” Basel replied as he looked around the spacious area.

Thanks,” she replied, closing and locking the door behind him.

Come on in,” she encouraged, kicking off her shoes and setting her keys on the hallway table. Basel followed suit, taking off his shoes as well. As they moved into the living area, everything Basel saw from the color pallet to the play with patterns in fabric, made perfect sense. Visually the space was stunning yet, livable and lived in.

Babe, you want something to drink?”

Sure, sweet,” Basel replied.

She strolled into the kitchen, and as she moved in front of him, Basel’s eyes rackingly appraised her. His steps drew him closer to her silhouette, the beauty of her living space no longer dominating his attention.

Can I help,” Basel asked, the rumble of his bass voice striking her solidly in the pit of her belly.

Of course,” Aya simpered. “The wine glasses are right there.”

Basel padded to the sink washing his hands, then followed Aya’s instructions about the glasses.

Oh, excuse me,” Aya gushed as she haphazardly bumped into him in her pursuit of the corkscrew in the drawer beside him. Basel capitalized on the opportunity, gathering Aya into the circle of his arms. He caught her off guard.

Ah!” She squealed as his fingers tickled her flesh, sending her into a fit of giggles and fits as she struggled to getaway.

Basel,” she chirped as her head fell backward to the width of his chest. “I can’t even breathe,” she laughed heartily.

I know,” Basel taunted. She laughed even more, carefreely. It felt good, and her laughter echoing against the walls sounded good.

Stop,” she squealed again.

But what if I don’t want to,” Basel crooned. His fingers stopped tickling and began to assuage the smoothness of her belly. His mouth fell to the crook of her neck, leaving a trail of slow, shivery kisses, the gently passionate massage sending currents of want through her. Their closeness was better than any drug as it lured Aya to her own personal euphoria. She felt the rise of his manhood against the swell of her ass and her body. Aya felt an eager affection pouring from him as the warmth of his breath coated her neck and coiled down her flesh. He nudged her neck intermittently kissing, then sucking then biting then smoothing over the pain with yet another kiss. Aya wasn’t giggling anymore. Her amusement turned into moans from the heated sensations coursing from her neck, down her back, and between her thighs. Basel was Aya’s kryptonite. With a single kiss, he could bring out passions from within her, which she barely knew existed. All thought slipped from Aya’s mind as Basel left a trail of heated kisses down her neck. Aya felt the warmth from his muscle-toned body pressed up against hers. She melded into his folds, their two bodies becoming one.

Kiss me,” Basel moaned from behind her. When he moved his strong arms, turning her, Aya moved with him, coming face to face with the man she had grown to love. She did love Basel. He made it so easy. Basel always made Aya feel special like she was the only woman in the world. His love was unconditional. He appreciated her quirks and made her feel beautiful. As she turned to face him, looking up into his deep brown eyes, Aya couldn’t resist. Biting her bottom lip and feeling his manhood pressing between her wanton thighs, Aya did kiss him, deep and long. The dance between their tongues sent shivers through Basel as he felt the soul connection, one that could not be denied. Aya was everything he ever desired in a woman.

Basel’s carnal desire drove him. Clothes were dispensed of. Anything that would be a hindrance between her pussy and his dick had to go.  He wanted to please Aya in every way. Her lips tasted sweet, and the suppleness of her body interlaced with his sent a surge coursing through his loins. Aya felt it too as Basel bent her over, his trousers and boxers dropped down near his knees. With his fingers, he eased the slight fabric of her panties to the side and then teased her more by easing his fingers into the warmth of her yoni.

Ahhh,” she groaned as she felt his exploration massaging her swollen feminine flesh. She was wet, so wet and waiting for him. Basel couldn’t wait any longer, bending Aya over at the waist and lifting his fullness to hers. He eased his fingers from her folds, yet before Aya had a chance to recover, she gasped as she felt the thickness of his dick parting her pussy lips like he owned them. Her hands immediately fell to the counter, and she gripped it as Basel’s initial thrust lifted Aya onto her toes.

Umhmm,” she hummed against the next one that managed to lift her body even higher. He loved to hear her purr in response. The walls of her puss welcomed him and pulsed against his manhood. The round of Aya’s ass poised in front of him drove Basel to plunge deeper into her. He wanted to mark his territory, and the thought of this woman belonging solely to him brought out the beast that lurked just beneath the surface. His thrusts quickened, and Basel cupped Aya’s hips in the cradle of his arms as he moved inside her, striking her G spot repeatedly. But when Aya looked back over her shoulder, reeling Basel in with a tempestuous glare and a naughty smile, the animal in him was unleashed.

He pounded her flesh, the fuck becoming fast and furious. He couldn’t get enough of her.

Shit,” he gasped as he felt Aya’s feminine walls tighten around his pole, caressing it and coaxing it to give and then give more.

Damn, girl,” Basel groaned as beads of sweat began to dot his forehead. She gripped the counter even tighter with one hand, and then Aya reached back, separating her ass cheeks, offering Basel even greater access to what he craved. His desire for Aya was so much more than physical, and the thought of her, the smell of her, the feel of her, the conviction of his feelings for her rose up in Basel’s chest, nearly suffocating him. She pushed back against him, arching her back and giving him her fullness. The rhythm they fell into was wild and erratic yet perfectly harmonious as they rode the wave of each one’s desire pushing them to please the other more.

Fuck me, Basel,” Aya whined. “Fuck me, baby.”

She could feel her pearl swelling to the point of pain as new hotness threatened to spill from her. Basel bent his knees, pulling Aya down on top of him in nearly a sitting position.

Ah damn,” he moaned. “Bae,” he palpated.

Mmhmm, yes, Basel, come for me. Ahh!”

He fucked her frantically, and when he felt the surge of thick gism searing through him, Basel’s head fell back between the strength of his shoulders, and he groaned loudly enough to shake her. Yet, Aya couldn’t distinguish the shake he caused from the convulsions of her body. She gave in as her pussy released her wetness; the climactic moment causing her body to soar higher until the apex of delight was reached.

The only thing that could be heard was panting as they basked in the reflective glory of their mutual satisfaction. Basel lifted in his knees, bending Aya’s pliable body with him, and rested his head on the center of her back. She felt the weight of him, and that was okay. Aya’s puss held Basel’s dick captive until he softened. He wrapped his arms around her waist and moaned against her back.

Don’t do that,” Aya muttered.


Because it’ll send me again,” she confessed.


Of course.”

Basel pulled her with him as he stood up. Aya spun in his firm hands, cooing face to face with him. She kept his eyes locked as she fingered his neck, traced across his chest, and started unbuttoning his shirt. Basel stepped out of his boxers and trousers without disturbing the quest Aya was on. When his shirt was fully unbuttoned, she eased her mocha hands against his flesh, grazing him until her hands reached his shoulders, sliding his shirt from him. Basel moved to help her.

No, bae, I got this,” she promised, a scantily devilish smile enchanting her lips. 

The Book Junkie Reads . . . Review of . . . BASEL (The Brothers Ali, #1) . . . Let me just start here and tell you that you are getting a sizzling little piece of splendor...

Aya and Basel find that their passion cannot be contained. Unexpected connection, passion, fire, heat, and more.

The Brothers Ali, #2

World-renowned archaeologist, Dr. Cairo Davis spends most of her time digging in dirt uncovering secrets, hidden things that remind us of a past long since forgotten. Although famous, Cairo is not one for the glitz and glam that infamy offers. She’s not impressed by private jets and five-star hotels. She likes to keep things simple.

Israel Ali, Director of Acquisitions for Ali International, his family’s business, is two sides to the same coin. He enjoys the perks of being one of the hottest eligible bachelors in the Southwest region, women dying to be on his arm, red carpets, five star everything. Yet, Israel is just as happy on an excursion to unearth buried treasure.

An expected encounter brings the two personalities together on a collision course destined for love. Yet, Cairo has a secret she would much rather keep to herself. Israel is determined to unearth the treasure that lies inside Cairo. She resists his pursuits sending the duo into an emotional entanglement that nearly costs them, real love.

The Brothers Ali, #3

Racquel Alexander, Owner of Charles’ Barber Experience, is consumed with extending her father’s legacy by expanding the Barber Experience into new markets. Losing her father changed Racquel’s worldview, narrowing her focus to only those things that help her father live on and not just in her memory.

Khalid Ali, Director of Investments for Ali International is all about the business of conquering new territories, investing in new ventures, and expanding his family’s legacy. He is persistent, determined, and focused.

A thunderstorm, a flat tire, and a knight in shining armor coming to save her changes the course of Racquel’s existence, but not in a good way. That accidental encounter brings her nemesis, Khalid Ali, into her orbit, rocking Racquel’s foundation and disturbing every preconceived notion she ever had of him. Holding on to old things is easy. Accepting new things is hard. Khalid dares Racquel to accept new things like how his nearness compels her soul to swoon and her heart to thunder in her chest; and how their undeniable magnetism seismically shifts the atmosphere and causes the earth to quake under their feet.

When enemies become lovers, it's tumultuous and passionate and confusing and incredible. When enemies fall in love, it’s unpredictable.

The Brothers Ali, #4

Naomi Singleton is a woman on a mission. As the Public Relations Director for the Barber Experience and starting her own public relations firm, Naomi has her hands full. But there’s something else that consumes Naomi, her desire for a man, Tareef Ali, who doesn’t seem to return her affections.

Tareef’s cold shoulder makes Naomi wonder if finding love is a thing out of her reach, until another man is more than willing to fulfill Naomi’s romantic desires, Attorney Malcolm Bridges.

As Director of Legal Affairs for Ali International, Tareef dispenses the law with expertise and vigor. His billionaire status doesn’t keep him from working for the people. When a wrongful conviction case pits Tareef against his nemesis, in a court battle, he soon finds it’s not the only fight on his hands. It’s the battle for Naomi’s heart.

The Brothers Ali, #5

Ameer Ali, Director of Engineering for Ali International, is the youngest of the Ali brothers, and the one who took after his mother, majoring in both mathematics and environmental engineering. Ameer’s academic prowess, business accouterment and undeniable good looks, makes him one of the most eligible bachelors in the southwest. He was single and happily so, until his accidental encounter with Siobhan Greer. Something about Siobhan moved Ameer in a way that piqued his curiosity and drove his intentions.

Siobhan, owner of Move with Me Dance Studio, is a woman with very clear goals and lofty ambitions. Yet hauntings from her past keep Siobhan battling old demons that interfere with living in the present. It’s a battle that has kept her mentally entangled and unable to love past her pain until she meets a man who titillates her imagination and challenges her to dream even bigger dreams.

But it’s not just the two of them. There are other players in the game who can determine whether what Ameer and Siobhan feel for each other is enough.

This is a standalone and ends in a HEA/HFN.

USA Today Bestselling Author and lover of Love. It is a many splendid thing, isn’t it? Yet, it’s not a straight path from one heart to another. Most often, love is a tangled mess that challenges our thoughts, beliefs, and challenges us to prove over and over that we are more than enamored with an individual. Love is a tangled conglomeration of what the mind thinks, what the soul feels, and what the heart knows. And I write about it...

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