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Vanguard, #1
by Chase Bolling
Publication Date: November 27th 2020
Publisher: Wahida Clark Presents Publishing, LLC
Formats: Paperback
Pages: 350

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Read the novel hailed as " Stirring, gritty, connected, and epic. A great read!" by Christian Cameron! When a rogue artificial intelligence makes medieval weapons the only weapons, and America spirals into collapse, a former gang member finds himself leading his inner-city community in a harrowing fight for their lives, after hate groups and corrupt police attack their home!


When Chessed woke up to prepare for work, he never expected his day to end in blood and triumph. When hate groups and corrupt police threaten his home, Chessed uses his love of history, fantasy books, and martial arts, along with his criminal past to lead his community in battle against tyranny!

If you loved books like Game of Thrones, or books like The Hunger Games, this contemporary fantasy is a must read! With action like The Witcher, and perspective like The Coldest Winter Ever, The Road of Resistance is perfect for fans of Octavia Butler, Brandon Sanderson or Sarah J Maas! Penned by African American Fiction rising star Chase Bolling, this epic fantasy delivers a unique blend of romance, military fiction & sword and sorcery, to create an almost arthurian, grimdark tale of a political uprising in the inner city!

With a cast of diverse characters, the heart of a Tom Clancy political thriller, and the soul of a Bernard Cornwell historical fiction, The Vanguard series is a must have addition to any sci-fi/fantasy lovers bookshelf, and sure to be among your top 10 dystopian novels or top 10 post apocalyptic books! Get your copy today!



“Form up! Form up! To break is to die! Let’s show this BLM trash, what true men are!” I felt a grim smile form on my face. He wished we were Black Lives Matter, instead, we were far, far worse. We were what happens when the system proved to us that our lives never mattered.

“FOR THE VANGUARD!” The battle cry felt as natural as breathing. Slamming my shield rim into the shield of the cop in front of me, I yanked it down with my brush axe. I slammed my sword from over my shoulder into his neck just behind his faceguard. As I tore my blade free, blood splashed and blinded the man to his left. Lashing out with my machete axe, I hooked the shield of the next officer in the file and he too died with a thrust to his throat. I bashed the dead pig back with my shield, and struck left and then right, ripping out the throat of one and stunning the other.

The others crowded in behind me, killing and taking no losses. I deflected a heavy blow from a hand axe with my shield, before feinting high, then low with Defiance, before ramming my offhand weapon into my baffled opponent’s exposed face. He fell away, and an opening cleared and the cop formation disintegrated into individual duels and desperate knots of defense.

We had driven deep into the enemy formation. The Vanguard and our recruits howled with glee as we tore into the policemen. Mr. Cheerleader, who had been leading the defense, and giving speeches, was revealed. I strode forward arrogantly, ready to bust his shit wide open. He stood at the head of a small reserve and much to my surprise; he was wearing maille with a bar nasal helmet. He bore a poleaxe in one hand, a bullhorn in the other.

“Who the fuck do you think you are!” he roared into his bullhorn. I simply screamed belligerence and charged.

Author Info

Chase E.F. Bolling has also published as Chase Bolling.

You can say Chase is a father, revolutionary, and author in that order. Born and raised in Bridgeport, CT and he grew up in a proud Afro-indigenous family with strong roots to the military, activism, and public service. Surrounded by strong BIPOC women, his grandmother, mother and aunt were all heavily involved in local politics. While Chase spent his youth a delightful contradiction pretty much being Huey and Riley of the Boondocks at the same time. His mom did her best, and made sure he was cultured, educated and raised with a W.E.B Dubois-esque talented tenth, sense of responsibility. She kept him around good mentors, and even made him take etiquette classes...but there was and likely still is a hoodlum streak a mile wide. While on one side Chase was always well read, well spoken, with a firm belief in the edification of his community, a youth involved with street gangs and other illegal activities and he found himself in trouble...often. He played football, lacrosse and got into historical martial arts which Chase still practices to this day. He spent years in the indie hip-hop scene as The Legendary Thug Poet, until a near fatal car accident left me with a traumatic brain injury. Now he mainly sticks to activism and being an author, and now proudly serves as director of SF/For the Culture the fantasy, sci-fi, and speculative fiction side of W. Clark Publishing!

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