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TOUR Audio - URBAN FANTASY - SUPERHERO SYNDROME (Solstice Survivors, #1) by Caryn Larrinaga Narrator: Ruby Hankey

Audiobook Blog Tour: Superhero Syndrome by Caryn Larrinaga
Solstice Survivors, #1
by Caryn Larrinaga
Narrator: Ruby Hankey
Length: 7 hours and 55 minutes
Released: June 19th 2019
Publisher: Twisted Tree Press
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Superhero Syndrome by Caryn Larrinaga
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The Book Junkie Reads . . . Review of . . . SUPERHERO SYNDROME (Solstice Survivors, #1) . . . What would you do if you were dying and had limited time left on this planet and you were aware of some differences in who and what you were and able to do?  Big question. No answer. Or yes answer. Do something that would benefit those left behind and make life a bit easier.
Young Tess finds that life for her has changed from the path that she may have once thought to take. Now she has to make changes to fit the future that is being laid before her. Safe to say she finds a niche for herself and the new direction of her life becomes a bit clearer. 

There were some wonderful characters her. The was some really awesome writing. The depth of descriptors was bold and true. The mix and mingle of the characters, the situation, and the setting was right there on point for the unfolding of a new world with new protectors being unveiled. While at the same time not all of the new world formed new protectors some were newer super villains with plans laid out to make it a hard new world. 

The story was brought to life through the vocal narration of Ruby Hankey and she did a wonderful job. This was a rich narration with the characters coming right through with clarity, strength, and a bit of familiarity. 

I received this audiobook as part of my participation in a blog tour with Audiobookworm Promotions. The tour is being sponsored by Caryn Larrinaga. The gifting of this audiobook did not affect my opinion of it.

Tess McBray was dying. The solstice syndrome had no cure, and she resigned herself to an early grave. But just when she gave up on survival, all her symptoms mysteriously disappeared.  

All but one symptom, anyway. Something is wrong with Tess’ hands. They absorb any material they touch, and her skin turns to wood, steel, or concrete. It doesn’t take this comic book obsessed 21-year-old long to figure out what’s going on: Somehow, she’s developed super powers. And she’s not the only one; across the country, people are coming forward and sharing their gifts with the world. In her own city, where the police are battling a human trafficking operation, a masked vigilante called The Fox is saving lives and stopping criminals.  

Tess doesn’t know where she fits into this new, super-powered world. But when people around her start disappearing, she can’t just sit on the sidelines. Teaming up with The Fox to create the world’s first superhero duo might be the only way to rid her city of evil and save the people she loves most.

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Caryn Larrinaga is an award-winning mystery, horror, and urban fantasy writer. Her debut novel, Donn’s Hill, was awarded the League of Utah Writers 2017 Silver Quill in the adult novel category and was a 2017 Dragon Award finalist. Watching scary movies through split fingers terrified Caryn as a child, and those nightmares inspire her to write now. Her 90-year-old house has a colorful history, and the creaking walls and narrow hallways send her running (never walking) up the stairs. Exploring her fears through writing makes Caryn feel a little less foolish for wanting a buddy to accompany her into the tool shed. Caryn lives near Salt Lake City, Utah, with her husband and their clowder of cats. Caryn is an active member of the League of Utah Writers and the Utah Chapter of the Horror Writers Association.

Narrator Bio
Based out of the NYC area, Ruby Hankey works as a theatre/film professional in myriad mediums of the arts. As a lover of world travels, tap dance, ukulele, French absurdism and the outdoors, she is always ready for a new adventure. Ruby has choreographed and performed for venues including The Duke Theater, Symphony Space, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Joyce Theatre, Queens Theatre in the Park, Luna Stage and recently appeared in Current Harbor's '59RPM at HERE Arts Center! Her latest audiobook, Superhero Syndrome by Caryn Larrinaga is now available.

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