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BLITZ w/INTERVIEW - Unbreakable Bond (Fated Mates Duet, #1) by Jess Bryant

Unbreakable Bond
Fated Mates Duet, #1
by Jess Bryant

Date of Publication: May 15th 2018

Cover Artist: K Creative Designs

Genre: PNR - Shifter Romance
Tagline: Fate has a plan all her own.

Sometimes fate gets it all wrong.
Zoey Kent has lived with that fact ever since she turned eighteen and learned that the man she loved could never be hers. He’s a born shifter, a wolf, and she’s a mere human. Fate doesn’t care if on paper they’re a perfect pair. She isn’t his fated mate and she’s resigned herself to the knowledge that someday, she’ll have to watch Michael mate with another. It’s never crossed her mind that there might be someone else out there for her, that she would be the one to mate another, to choose another over everything she’s ever known or wanted.

Sometimes fate gets it all right.

Rafe Hudson left his pack behind years ago. Physically and mentally scarred from an attack that left his parents and twin dead, he walked away from his responsibilities as Alpha. He never intended to return but lone wolf or not, he can’t leave Michael open to an attack he’s learned is coming for his only brother. What he didn’t know was that going home would mean scenting his mate, the one person in the world that could make him whole again, that could give him everything he thought he’d lost. His pack, his home and his family.

But fate always has a plan.

There’s no way Michael’s brother is her future, is there? Just like there’s no way that the girl his brother has loved since they were kids, was always meant to be his, right?

Only fate knows why they were brought together but there is one thing for sure, the sparks between Zoey and Rafe are undeniable. The bond between them is unbreakable. And together… they’ll change the face of the pack forever.

Rafe Hudson was going to rip his little brother’s intestines out and use them to choke him to death. It was a fantasy he’d been living over and over in his head for the past few hours. It was a fantasy that he would have fulfilled already if only she hadn’t stopped him.
Her. Zoey. His mate. He was still trying to wrap his head around how that was even possible.
All of those years out there in the big, bad world. All of his time spent roaming from city to town to countryside. He hadn’t been out there looking for her but he was what he was. He was a shifter and it was hard coded in him to seek the woman that was meant to make him whole. In the back of his mind, every time he encountered a new woman, a new wolf or other shifter, he’d wondered if she was the one.
He’d wondered if he would find her at his next stop or the one after that. He’d wondered where she was and if she was looking for him too. And, in his darkest moments, he’d wondered if fate had even seen fit to give him a mate when he’d already failed to protect those that meant the most to him once.
He’d failed his family, his entire pack. He had been the one to run past the boundary line. He was the one the hunters had followed back to camp. He was the reason they were all dead, every one of them.
His proud father, the leader of them all. His mother, the sweetest wolf to have ever been born. And Gabe, his littermate, his twin, his other half in every way. The only member of his family that hadn’t been in the woods that day was Michael and because fate liked to throw punches when you were already down, Rafe knew that the reason his little brother hadn’t been there was because he’d been with her.
To find out, after all of this time, that she was his? That she’d been his all along? That she was his but that she’d been here with his brother? Well, that was an injustice he wouldn’t, and couldn’t, tolerate.

Author Info
Jess Bryant is an avid indoorswoman. A city girl trapped in a country girl's life, her heart resides in Dallas but her soul and roots are in small town Oklahoma. She enjoys manicures, the color pink, and her completely impractical for country life stilettos. She believes that hair color is a legitimate form of therapy, as is reading and writing romance. She started writing as a little girl but her life changed forever when she stole a book from her aunt's Harlequin collection and she's been creating love stories with happily ever afters ever since.

Jess holds a degree in Public Relations from the University of Oklahoma and is a lifetime supporter of her school and athletic teams. And why not? They have a ton of National Championships! She may be a girlie girl but she knows her sports stats and isn't afraid to tell you that your school isn't as cool as hers... or that your sports romance got it all wrong.

For more information on Jess and upcoming releases follow her on her many social media accounts for news and shenanigans.

The Book Junkie Reads . . . Interview with Jess Bryant . . .
What are some of your writing/publishing goals for this year?
One of my goals for this year was to attend a book signing as an attending author. Luckily, I had the great fortune to do so already. I was part of Holidays with the Belles in Dallas and I’ll be part of the Hard Rock Author Event in Tulsa this summer as well.
I had another goal to get my work traditionally published and that is happening as well. My first MM novel, Stay A Little Longer, was picked up by Nine Star Press. We are editing and shining it up and it will re-release in November.
It’s been a good year for me. I’m just trying to stay focused. I want to jump into all the genres that I read, not just contemporary and so far I’ve been able to do that with some success in MM and I’m hoping my readers follow me into PNR with Unbreakable Bond.
Do you have a character that you have been working on for a long time that still isn't quite ready, but fills you with excitement to work on the story?
The Bomar Boys. Oh, my bad, dirty-mouthed, outlaw boys. I love them but I can’t seem to pin them down lately. I released books 1-3 last year and I’m calling that Volume I. Volume II is set to follow the Bomar cousins, Bentley, Royce, Lincoln and Ford. I was hoping to just keep churning them out but these boys are… tricky. They have a lot of baggage and things they need to work through before I can move on to the next. I’m hoping to have Bentley’s story done this summer but he’s going to have to decide what path he intends to take for that to happen.
Where would you spend one full year, if you could go ANYWhere? What would you do with this time?
Italy. I would love to spend a year in Italy. I spent two weeks there years ago and I loved it. I want to go back. I want to spend an entire year walking on those streets that are hundreds of years old and visiting all of the amazing landmarks and buildings and history. There is so much rich history in Italy. And wine, I’d like to just sit and drink wine and write in Italy for an entire year.
Can you share you next creative project(s)? If yes, can you give a few details?

Right now, I’m working on book 2 in my Fated Mates Duet. Unshakeable Faith starts up right where Unbreakable Bond ends so readers don’t feel like they’re missing a single step as we turn from Zoey and Rafe’s story to Michael and Luna’s. This is a duet in name only. There’s not a cliffhanger. I feel like I have to point that out to everyone I talk to about this book. I don’t do cliffhangers! There is a bigger story arc that takes two books to solve but the love stories are complete in each book. Anyway, I’m so excited to share these brothers and these packs with my readers. I love shifter romance. I love PNR. I hope that my take on wolves and bonds and fate lives up to what my readers expect and hope for in my books.

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