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The Second Husband
by Alex H. Singh
Publication Date: April 16, 2016
Genre: Adult, Contemporary Romance

Where did this author come from. He wowed me with the blurb provided for this read. I found that I wanted more. I wanted to step in to the life of Brandon and where life would take him with Johana. I have to say that I got more from this than just a man with a memory that was lost to him. I got a man getting the chance to fall in love with a woman, for the first time or the second only reading will give you that answer. I found that his connection to his characters was what kept me connected to them. I found that I would like to see more of what Alex H. Singh has to offer.  This was an intriguing start to a promising step in to the contemporary romance realm for him. 

Second is coming…
After an accident robs him of his memories, Johana’s husband Brandon is left little more than a stranger to her and their three children. Unsure of how to navigate their new life, they try to make the best of a complicated situation. Although he’s no longer the man she married, the more time she spends with Brandon, she find herself falling in love with the man he’s become. Brandon struggles to remember who he was before the accident, only to be further confused by flashes of memory from another life. A life where he’s known by a name he’s never heard before–Second.

Johana and Brandon are on the hunt for answers. Every stone turned over simply yields more questions. With their family caught in the middle of an ever-deepening mystery, they quickly realize that Second may be the key to unraveling the truth.


About Alex H. Singh

Alex is an easy-going & youthful writer devoted to creating the best experiences for his readers by letting his imagination paint a picture step by step which then gets translated into words.
Alex has been writing since the age of 18 & is interested in all genres, especially Horror, Thrillers & Sci-Fi. He hopes that everyone will enjoy his “Nubara” series, “The Second Husband”, “Something Sinister Is In This House” & other novels releasing by next year.
Alex was born & raised in Toronto, Ontario & gets inspired by all the multi culture all around him. He hopes to inspire those who wish to write & publish books of their own.

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