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SPOTLIGHT w/INTERVIEW - Dark Angel The Fallen Chronicles, #1 by Amanda Jones

Dark Angel
The Fallen Chronicles, #1
by Amanda Jones
Date of Publication: March 29th 2017
Publisher: New Concepts Publishing
Cover Artist: Jenny Dixon
Genre: Paranormal/Fantasy Romance
Tagline: With this fallen angel it never felt so good to be bad!

Katia may be a celebrated musician, but she'd always felt a little like an outsider looking in. Who knew that being abducted by a handsome stranger would set her on a crash course with her destiny...

Luc has spent an eternity keeping everyone and everything at a distance as an unstoppable darkness consumes his soul. Will his beautiful captive be his salvation, or will they both be consumed by the ultimate evil...
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As Katia stepped into the room, Luc moved to shut the door with a click behind her.  Room thirteen — it figured they’d be in room thirteen.  Not only were they now stuck in the crappiest motel known to man, Amir had dropped them in room thirteen — his idea of a sick joke.  Luc hoped it wasn’t some kind of omen or predictor of the rest of their mission.  As Katia walked around inspecting the room, Luc walked over and tossed the room key with the gaudy orange plastic tag onto the dresser.  The Red Roof Inn was most certainly not five-star accommodations.  The décor was nineteen-seventies chic, faded and scratched with the passage of time.  Water stains decorated the ceiling like a large-scale Rorschach test.  As he looked around, Luc made a mental note to slap Amir later for dropping them here. 
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As a voracious reader, I find it astounding that I can still come across something original. Yes, I’m familiar with the characters names and previously read interpretations of the good and evil they have done. Dark Angel gives us a new take on how good become evil and evil doesn’t have to be forever.  Dark Angel is the first book in this series and I’m definitely a fan.  ~ Stacey is Sassy

It’s been a while since I’ve read a fallen angels novel, and I now remember why I loved them so much!  This is my first book from this author and I’ve added her to my favorite author’s list.  Love can change everything. Even the darkest soul can shine again when they find a reason…I can’t wait to read the rest of their stories. ~ The Secret World of Book Lovers Carla Maggiolo

Author Info
Amanda Jones lives in Toronto with her exceptionally spoiled pets.  Aside from sharing her crazy imagination with others through her books Amanda enjoys travelling and frequent Netflix binges.  Amanda has worked in several fields including sports, music, film, corporate human resources, and is a graduate of York University and Sheridan College.

How would you describe your style of writing to someone that has never read your work?
I’m a very visual writer – my stories play out in my head like movies.  The world of The Fallen Chronicles is split in half – part regular city, and part hell dimension.  I want the readers to feel like they’re immersed in the fantasy world when they’re reading – so they can see it all around them like I do!

What are some of your writing/publishing goals for this year?
The second book in The Fallen Chronicles – Broken Angel – is being released in May.  I’m also finishing up books three and four in the series – Forbidden Angel and Captive Angel.  It’s a big year!  I’ve got outlines done for a few more books so we can all find out what happens to the rest of the fallen angels we meet in Dark Angel.

Do you feel that writing is an ingrained process or just something that flows naturally for you?
I read a blog (Indie Plot Twist via Twitter) that says there are two kinds of writers – planners and pantsers.  Planners have everything planned down to the tiniest detail when writing.  Pantsers…well they fly by the seat of their pants!  While I do give myself a point form/paragraph outline of where I need my chapters to go (POV, major events), the majority of the dialogue and the tongue in cheek moments are purely pantsed (is that even a word????).  So I guess I tend to go with what feels natural for me.

Do you have a character that you have been working on for a long time that still isn't quite ready, but fills you with excitement to work on the story?
Yes!  Abbaddon, the ultimate angel of darkness.  There are lots of plot points in the series that need to come together before I can introduce his character…but it’s going to be a shock and lots of fun to write!

If you could spend one-week with 5 fictional character, who would they be?
Hmmmm…I’d say John Constantine, Eric Northman, Superman, Bill Compton, and Deadpool.  We’ve got lots of broody hotness, and Deadpool to drive them all nuts (for good measure)!  Should make for an interesting week!!!

Where would you spend one full year, if you could go ANYWhere? What would you do with this time?
Great question!  I’d probably go to Scotland and spend a year with my family (lots of cousins and aunts) writing like a maniac and doing photography.  The gothic cathedrals and castles/ruins are spectacular! 

Can you share you next creative project(s)? If yes, can you give a few details?
I’m getting into the fourth book of The Fallen Chronicles where we get to know Thanatos (Death) – one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.  There’s some back story as to how the horsemen became tied to Satan, and perhaps a tiny spark of hope for their futures…

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