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Virtual Tour w/Interview - Echoes of Love by Tanith Davenport

Echoes of Love
by Tanith Davenport
Date of Publication: July 18th 2017
Publisher: Totally Bound
Cover Artist: Posh Gosh
Genre: Paranormal Erotic Romance
Tagline: Kala wants to catch a ghost. The ghost wants to catch her. What does Tor want?
The Book Junkie Reads . . . Review of . . . ECHOES OF LOVE . . . Echoes of Love was a short story that was a different take of ghost and foreseeing the future. This simply quick read gave a chance at romance to two individuals that have had an interest in each other for a few years but neither have acted on those feelings. Kala, Tor, Vika and a futuring ghost (vardøger) have a whirlwind introduction. The read gets interesting and intriguing but then it’s over. I do hope that more will be coming.

Paranormal writer Kala Westenra, staying with her best friend Vika in Norway, is hunting for a new subject for an article, and finds it when she hears footsteps in the hall twenty minutes before Vika's hot brother Tor Viitanen arrives home. This, Vika tells her, is the vardøger - a Norwegian ghost, a future echo which always precedes a person's arrival.

Kala plans to stake out the hallway to catch the vardøger in the act - and is shocked when, on its arrival, it kisses her. Her feelings for Tor have been hidden ever since she first met him two years ago; could it be that the vardoger is acting on Tor's secret desire for her?

As Kala and Tor work together to understand what is happening with the spirit, their longing for each other begins to overtake them - but the vardøger has more to show them than they expected...
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Tor reached over the arm of the sofa, pulled up a cushion and threw it at her. Vika threw it back, knocking over her wineglass at the same time.
“Here, let me get you a refill.” Kala reached for the bottle, but it was empty. Vika stood and made for the door, picking up her jacket from the hook on the back on her way past.
“I’ll run out and get another one. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.”                           
Kala launched the cushion after her, hitting the door instead.
“I can see why you and my sister get on so well.” Tor raised an eyebrow. “You’re both drunks.”
“Oh, shut up. I’m still technically a student. I can drink if I like.”
“Soon to be a writer and they drink a lot, too, I’ve heard.”
Kala laughed. “I don’t know about journalists, though. Although I’d quite like to be a writer, too—novels or something. I don’t know what kind yet.”
“I’ll keep my eyes open for your hot new release.”
Kala held his gaze, her insides stirring strangely. Maybe it was the alcohol, but there was something in the words hot release that made a rush of heat flow through her body, her skin tingling.
After a long moment, Tor spoke again. “So, Vika thinks you need a man.”
“I don’t need a man. I may want a man.”
“Oh, yeah?” Something flickered across Tor’s face, his eyes glowing. He shifted onto his knees, leaning over the arm of the sofa, his face close to hers. “What sort of man do you want?”
“Oh, you know. We hotshot journalists don’t like to be tied down.” Kala gave him a taunting look, leaning closer to him so that their faces were almost touching. “Tall, dark, commitment-phobic. That’ll do me.”
“I can help you there.”
A sudden rush of movement and Tor’s mouth was on hers.
This is a bad idea. He’s Vika’s brother.
But somehow she no longer cared and Tor was right here and he was moving, moving over the arm of the sofa as they were still kissing, then his body was pressing down onto hers and they were still—
To hell with it, she thought and arched up against him, tangling her fingers in his hair.
She felt his hard cock through his jeans as it brushed against her leg, sending a dart of wet heat straight to her cunt. His hands ran down, caressing her neck, her shoulders, cupping her breasts and rolling his thumbs over her nipples through her bra.
Oh, God—
Then the sound of the lock clicking.
Immediately, Tor rolled off her and onto the floor, twisting round to position himself back at the side of the sofa. Kala sat up and ran a hand through her hair.
Shit, that was close.
“Here's the wine,” Vika announced as she came through the door, shopping bag in hand. “I got back as fast as I could.”
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Author Info
Tanith Davenport began writing erotica at the age of 27 by way of the Romantic Novelists' Association New Writers' Scheme. Her debut novel "The Hand He Dealt" was released by Total-e-Bound in June 2011 and was shortlisted for the Joan Hessayon Award for 2012.

Tanith has had short stories published by Naughty Nights Press and House of Erotica. She loves to travel and dreams of one day taking a driving tour of the United States, preferably in a classic 1950s pink Cadillac Eldorado.

Tanith's idea of heaven is an Indian head massage with a Mojito at her side.
What are some of your writing/publishing goals for this year?
I'm working on a piece for Harlequin at the moment which I'd like to get finished and accepted. I'm also working on two new novellas for Totally Bound and intend to try m/m romance next.

Do you feel that writing is an ingrained process or just something that flows naturally for you?
I think it's a little of both. I spent a lot of time reading online fanfiction before I started writing, which taught me a lot about the pitfalls a writer can fall into and the sorts of things which work and don't work, but at the same time I think the writing does just flow - once I get going I can work at it for hours.

If you could spend one-week with 5 fictional character, who would they be?
I'm a great lover of Jane Austen, so it'd be Elizabeth Bennet, Emma Woodhouse, Anne Elliot, Catherine Morland and Henry Crawford, who I think would be man enough for everyone.

Where would you spend one full year, if you could go ANYWhere? What would you do with this time?
I've always wanted to do a driving tour of America, although it might be better to make it fly-drive. I'd like to visit every state and see as many of the landmarks as possible, as well as take in Route 66.

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